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The Final Countdown

So the time has come and our training trip has finally ended. This will be my last post on our trip to Puerto Rico. Since the last post on here all swimmers have gone to their class dinner, an annual tradition where all swimmers on both girls and boys team go to dinner with their individual classes. The boys senior dinner with Russ this year was in Old San Juan at    Raices which was featured on Food Network’s TV show “Man vs. Food”. We all knew what we were going to order, Raices signature dish the “Chuleta Kan-Kan” which was an enormous 7lb fried pork chop ringed in crispy pork rind; needless to say it was delicious. The last 3rd of our training cycle came to a close with a good yards practice. The practice was long and on paper looked like any other practice this trip, but for some of us it was special.

This last practice marked an end to meter swimming and the last training trip for the seniors, I’d like to take a moment to recognize those seniors on this training trip:

Sunset the night before we left Puerto Rico

Anna Cavanaugh, Matt Grippo, Jordan Guttrich, Colleen Hespeler, Chris Inglis, Troy Nichols, and Tarryn Teresak. After our last practice we made our way back to the hotel where the girls caught some last rays of sunshine and the boys went out to the beach for one last “gnar sesh”. The waves were perfect, not too large, not too small, and not full of seaweed. Our flight was delayed 30 minutes which gave us some more time to enjoy Puerto Rico and prolong the inevitable packing.

When we reached the airport we were shocked to find out that the flight was delayed another 2 hours, which left us with a lot of downtime. Some people took a nap, some went shopping, and others were serenaded by the mighty Sasquatch and his beautiful wooden recorder concert in the middle of the airport. Eventually our flight departed and everyone checked out and got some shut eye. As the saying goes “wheels down eyelids up” we touched down in Boston and all made the transition from relaxation to intensity where it immediately became time to make one last push for A10’s. The Rhode Island invite is this weekend; an invitational where we compete against Rhode Island and George Washington. After that meet we have an away meet vs Bryant, then the Upper Valley Invite, and Fordham at home which will be the senior meet, the last time UMass’ seniors will compete at the Joseph Rogers Pool. All these meets are preparation for the one meet to rule them all, The Atlantic 10 Championships. We have all been grinding our faces off with Russ for over 4 months now and look forward to taking it back!


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