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Halftime Show

As the great Bon Jovi once said “Whoa we’re half way there” or as the great Alessandro Bomprezzi once said “Wait! What?!” That’s right Alessandro, our trip is already halfway over, but we haven’t wasted a second of it. Since the last update the team has completed 2 swimming cycles (2 days of doubles, then 1 afternoon off), we have 1 more swimming cycle this trip until we return back to Amherst. During the first afternoon off the girl’s team went off to another beach where the sun was out and the water was calm making it perfect for a tanning session. The boys decided to spend their day off “shreadin the gnar gnar” again where we “got fat shacked while dropping into swick big mama’s with our broskie’s” (some surfer lingo for ya).

The second cycle began with long yards and weight training along with ab workouts and running. Russ explained how he writes our practices while lounging by the pool at our hotel, “for every cloud I see in the sky, I’m adding 1000 meters to the practice”…he saw a lot of clouds that day.

The weather here in San Juan has been phenomenal and we have all finally been able to figure out a pattern to maximize our Puerto Rico experience. During morning practice the weather is very nice, no rain, warm, and minimal clouds. Then we get back to the hotel, have breakfast, sun bathe, and go body surfing. The nice weather will continue until about 1pm when the clouds start to roll in with the occasional rain shower, this gives many of us an opportunity to go take a nap between sessions. Then we head off to afternoon practice where it is drizzling and every day we think it will clear up. WRONG. The rain continues and stays constant right up until the end of practice.  The coaches have a pop up tent so they don’t get wet, and there’s never any thunder/ lightning so the rain is actually pretty cool to feel while swimming. Thankfully is completely clears up in the evening which allows us to walk around and get dinner/ visit Old San Juan.

Zedd and the sea of concert goers last night

Last night most of the boys went to the Annual Puerto Rico New Year’s Concert. This is a huge concert that takes place in the beautiful Puerto Rico Convention Center (seriously google image it). The venue is enormous and looks like you could build Boeing airplanes inside, I swear I saw a cloud system forming inside the venue is just that big. In previous years we have been privileged to see shows such as Deadmau5, Skrillex, and LMFAO, this year the level of excellence continued with Zedd, an electronic music artist who is famous for songs such as Clarity, Spectrum, and Stay the Night. The show had notable opening acts as well, Destructo, Carnage, A-Trak, and Boys Noize all took the stage before Zedd and were able to set the mood by putting on solid acts. The boys arrived at the concert around 9pm, and some of us stayed until the end…at 4am. One might ask, was it worth it? YUP! Zedd went on stage around 1:30am and played one of the most amazing sets I have seen him play (this being the 3rd time I’ve personally seen him). His combination of popular music, crowd interaction, and the light/ laser show made this one of the best concerts I’ve attended in recent years.

Thankfully this morning was our annual Three Kings Day practice. Where practice is lactate and we play a game of chance where we flip coins to decide whether we have to sprint a 50 or sprint a 200. Some groups were spared, only having to do 3 200’s out of the possible 6; however, my group as well as another group were not so lucky, we had to do 5, that’s right, 5 200’s sprint, bad luck like this hasn’t been present since Brian Schmidt was on the team (he swam 19 out of 24 200’s in his career). Needless to say none of us will be going to the casino tonight.

Side note: We’ve been getting lots of pictures of the snow that awaits us back home. We get it, it’s almost 100 degrees colder back in the northeast. So please, if you are going to send us any pictures of the snow in your yard, send one with a dog playing in it.

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  1. Deborah Glenn says

    What a wonderful note! You have created a beautiful account of your trip. (You write with outstanding “voice!.”) Mrs. Glenn

  2. Bill Guttrich says

    Great job on the blog, Matt!
    And Jordan told us all you guys ever did was swim hard on these trips….

  3. Dan Dray says

    Nice blog Matt! Great to hear the team is having such a good time.

  4. Kyle says

    Check your facts with a post from January 2012. Schmidty did 20 200s in his 4 years

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